Radisson - Water Park of America

Successfully conducted acquisition and financing for the Raddisson Hotel / Water Park of America at $95 million dollars.

Grand Hotel Minneapolis

Successfully defended a construction contract dispute involving the renovation of The Grand Hotel Minneapolis with my client saving more than $250,000.

Real Estate Dispute

Litigated a breach of contract case for a faulty roof installation netting more than $100,000 dollars in a settlement.



Procured Tax Increment Financing for a $32 million dollar hotel development.


Defended a client in a fraud case seeking more than $3 million in damages resulting in a dismissal.


Litigate and negotiate property tax appeals for commercial and industrial properties reducing the valuations of the properties and saving more than $1 million in property tax payments.


Human Rights

Successfully defended more than 25 EEOC and Department of Human Rights complaints filed against the various corporate employers.

Client Representation

Represented client in the work-out of distressed property procuring a release of a $40 million dollar guaranty.

Employment Guidlines

Developed and maintained employment guidelines for more than 1,000 personnel employed at various hotels, commercial and residential properties.